Happy Cook is a business enterprise which specializes in kitchenware was established in 1996 with the goal of the company is to become Happy Cook kitchenware company's reputation in the world. With 18 years of business kitchenware Happy Cook has now become the brand of kitchenware prestigious No. 1 in Vietnam.

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  • Scholarship Ceremony "HappyCook"

    Going along with business activity we always get HAPPY COOK mission for community lodestar, because we want to contribute a small part to the development of Vietnam in the future so we decided to scholarship fund established HAPPY COOK
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  • HappyCook đồng hành cùng sĩ tử 2014

    Trong những ngày 4,5/7 & ngày 8,9/7/2014 vừa qua. Công ty Happy Cook đã cùng những sinh viên tình nguyện tham gia chương trình “tiếp sức mùa thi” tại các trường như: Đại học ngân hàng, Đại học Y Dược, Đại học Sư Phạm Kỹ Thuật, Đại...
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